The Exeter Village Association supports the NBN fixed wireless rollout for the Exeter village and surrounds.

The proposed tower in Devon Road Exeter for fixed wireless will also provide telcos with the opportunity to install mobile phone infrastructure.

Exeter residents and visitors have been denied adequate internet connection speeds and reliable mobile service for many years.

A proposed mobile phone tower on the same Devon Road site was stopped twelve years ago, by a small number of protestors.  There has been no reliable service since.

We are aware that there is a politically motivated movement against the installation of fixed wireless for NBN, and that this group has been placing pressure on NBN to suspend its proposed construction of a tower in Exeter.

It is our information that most of the members of the protest group do not live in Exeter, and are driving this protest for political reasons.

It is not insignificant that this issue is raised in an election year (both Federally and locally) and that outcomes for the greater community are inconsequential to political advantage.

This protest group does not provide solid scientific evidence to refute the data supplied by NBN concerning electromagnetic emissions.

The suspension of the construction of the NBN tower in Devon Road Exeter will have the following effect:

1.    The majority of the residents of Exeter and surrounding farmland will continue to endure unacceptable slow internet speeds.

2.    That all villages and settlements to the south of Exeter (with the exception of Bundanoon) will also be denied reliable service.

3.    That the re-assessing of the type of NBN connection for Exeter will take time and will put Exeter at the end of the roll out phase.

4.    The prospect of ever having a mobile facility in the area will disappear, as no telco will invest in separate infrastructure.

5.    Lives will be put in jeopardy in times of emergency, should there be no future mobile phone capability.

We call on the NBN to continue with its planned roll out and to connect the residents of Exeter to the proposed system as soon as possible.


John McNamara


Exeter Village Association Inc.


email: admin@exetervillage.org.au